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Sono Bello Body Contouring & Facial Aesthetics
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Sono Bello Body Contouring & Facial Aesthetics

Cosmetic Surgery Bellevue
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73 Reviews
1200 112th Ave Northeast Map
Building C, Suite 154
Route Bellevue, WA   98004  
1200 112th Ave Northeast, Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 284-9508
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Sono Bello is the leading destination for laser liposuction, facelift procedures and body contouring. Our highly trained, board-certified plastic and facial plastic surgeons specialize in advanced, micro-laser technology, providing customized and truly natural-looking results. Nationwide they have performed over 100,000 body transformation procedures, providing the experience and specialization that deliver truly amazing results. With 40 Sono Bello® locations situated in major cities across the U.S., getting the spectacular results you’ve been looking for has never been easier.

Sono Bello Body Contouring & Facial Aesthetics can be found at 1200 112th Ave Northeast . The following is offered: Cosmetic Surgery . In Bellevue there are 11 other Cosmetic Surgery. An overview can be found here.


73 Reviews , in average 5 Stars
  • Santana H C.
    wrote on

    (5) *****Star service, most definitely!

    SONO BELLO *****Star service, most definitely! This team was utmost respectful, professional, caring, and reassuring: I was greeted with a warm welcome by a beautiful and endearing Rachel with sincere eyes who has the warmest, kind, pleasant FACE and delicate VOICE. She was efficient throughout, from my first call to check-in and check-out and the follow-up. And my consultant, the lovely Tara A., HEART of the team, was very knowledgeable and experienced. She spoke to me mother-to-mother and gave me her honest, unbiased opinion and sincere advice when asked for. You can tell when someone's just trying to sell you a bag of tricks but not this beautiful being-her passion, confidence and fierce personality truly made me feel confident about my decision and helped me to see clearly that this was not just for vanity but a spiritual improvement to my life. My heart felt that Tara genuinely and sincerely had my best interest at heart and was there every step of the way to make this decade-long idea a reality and there-after. Major gratitudes, my friend. Sincerely, you helped me build the fire from the flame I felt burning from within. And still growing...Dr. Macintosh, the BRAIN and HANDS of the operation, was this straight shooter who told me realistically what to expect and what not with some side bits of humor but ALL fun. His honesty and passion put me at ease knowing I'm in great hands for the next phase; surgery as I remember seemed like a breeze and magical- one minute I'm turning over when Doc tells me to and next I'm face planting slow-mo into the seat of the car; I felt no pain within the first 24hrs and was high as a kite! Shout-out to my surgery nurse who was A-mazing! She was so tenderly nurturing, made me feel like I was at a spa, treating me with warm blankets as I lay on the 'massage table,' perfect aim and application of the syringe (10+/10pts- effortless and barely a spot of bruising). She was my GUIDING LIGHT throughout surgery day. I was never discouraged because of how efficiently detail-oriented everyone was individually, the before/after photos, each teammate I encountered constantly reminded me to follow post-op procedures and that determination and time heals all wounds: a TEAM EFFORT, myself included. To me, the whole process was easy breezy, a true success with finesse story that is to be happily continued in the next chapter of "My Improved Life." So far, I'm loving the results. My body is really shaping up, from size 5 to size 2 in just 1.5months. After 3months, Venus skin tightening... this should achieve my ideal image.

  • Koree T.
    wrote on

    (5) I never felt pressured.

    I have had such an amazing experience thus far. I'm just at 9 days post op. I went into Sonobello wondering if I was a candidate, for lipo. I work out every day, but the "muffin-top' was a layer that was not budging. My consultation was with Kiely. We chatted, I told her about my problem area and we had a very open conversation about the procedure. I never felt pressured to commit or to hand over a credit card. She made the decision mine, after many many questions!! We booked by "bra bulge/muffin top" lipo appointment for about a month down the road.

  • Crystal J
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you Tara and staff you are all great people

    I was nervous at first, but then I went I talked with Tara she made me feel like really good about going forward to make me happy for it and I was glad I did go through with it (Thank you Tara and staff you are all great people THANK YOU). I could tell a deference of the bat when I was able to put on a dress for the first time not having that bulge through my mid section that I had forever just couldn't get rid of it with exercise over the years back and forth having a baby and stress that's when I decided to check it out and know I'm so much happier with how its looking cant wait to finish off what's left to do it just takes time to heal

  • Susan Z
    wrote on

    (5) Staff is very professional and highly skilled.

    SB was a very positive experience, although recovery is not a breeze. That is to be expected; it is surgery. Every aspect is explained, help is always available, and staff is very professional and highly skilled. I feel much better and move much more freely. A friend who had not seen me for a year expressed surprise, said I looked much better, although she could not tell exactly how. Perfect!

  • donna i
    wrote on

    (5) So far so good

    So far so good. It's only been a week, but I couldn't be happier with the decision and the experience thus far. It's been a very efficient process thus far and couldn't have been easier to squeeze into my schedule. I was at work the day after with minimum downtime.

  • Chris S
    wrote on

    (5) I am amazed with the initial results

    Surgery is nothing to ever take lightly so I hesitated about having this procedure done. Now in just the short time that has passed since I had the surgery I am amazed with the initial results and wish I hadn't waited. I was able to go back to work the next day and am down several inches. I will be wearing that little black dress in two weeks and turning a head or two.

  • Talia B
    wrote on

    (5) DO IT

    DO IT.. Yes it's a big step but in the right direction. Dr. Sobrino is amazing and makes you feel safe and treats you like family not a number. Recovery is what you make it. FOCUS on the prize. I already have others interested. Definitely word of mouth situation. They wouldn't believe the commercials and ads but as there BFF they're in total shock and now 2 of my friends are having work done.

  • Nilab Azizulla Popal
    wrote on

    (5) Doctor was awesome

    Staff was great, doctor was awesome.

  • LoAnn P
    wrote on

    (5) It will be worth it!

    It will be worth it! I wish I would have done it sooner.

  • J S
    wrote on

    (5) The best decision that you will ever make for yourself!

    The best decision that you will ever make for yourself! Everyone at this Center is absolutely top-notch; so friendly, welcoming, professional and calming throughout the entire process! The results are absolutely incredible! I am only one week post-op and I already look and feel amazing! Cannot wait to see what the next weeks and months will bring. Thank you Dr. Sobrino and your wonderful nursing staff! Thank you Shannon and your entire crew at the Bellevue Center!!

  • Sandhya h
    wrote on

    (5) Overall journey with Sonobello has been very pleasant

    Overall journey with Sonobello has been very pleasant and comfortable. Starting from consultation to post op, Sonobello staffs made sure to answer all my questions. I would highly recommended this place.

  • Patty A.
    wrote on

    (5) I am very impressed.

    I am very impressed with the nurses, doctor and staff per my latest procedure. Dr. McIntosh made me feel as ease before and during my procedure and the nursing staff has been very helpful both pre and post procedure. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

  • Melissa f
    wrote on

    (5) The people I dealt with were so understanding

    The people I dealt with were so understanding. The staff always gave me an answer each time I called. They told me step by step what to expect which was very comforting.

  • Sheran F.
    wrote on

    (5) Very positive experience

    Very positive experience. Even though I was scared the day-of surgery, everyone was supportive and caring. The procedure went well and after only a week I can see stunning results!

  • Tammy P.
    wrote on

    (5) The most important person there

    From Day 1 I was treated with kindness, respect and dignity. Always asked if I had any questions or concerns, and always felt as though I was the most important person there. I never felt rushed so they could move on to the next client. I'm still really in the healing process, but already completely happy with my results. I'm excited to see the "new me" once completely healed!

  • Amanda N Baker
    wrote on

    (5) Go here

    Go here

  • Chrissy S.
    wrote on

    (5) Great clinic, great people, great results

    What a ride!! This has been quite the journey and the exact motivation I needed to continue on my path of finding the perfect me!. From my friendly and helpful consultation, procedure, and after care....I couldn't be happier. I have a newly sculpted body that I continue to see results.The procedure was more painful then expected, but manageable. Recovery for the first week was rough, but it got significantly easier every day afterwards. This was all bearable and I would do it again. Short term discomfort for long term happiness. I can't say enough about my Doctor. He was excellent and made me feel comfortable. He was informative, respectful, and a skilled professional. I also appreciated all the jokes and casual small talk during the procedure....I'm sure I was a terrible patient but he tried to keep it light. Overall, I can't say enough and I will most likely go back. Great clinic, great people, great results.

  • Steven T
    wrote on

    (5) Cheers to the staff at the Bellevue Sono Bello!

    It has been 2 weeks and 2 days since my procedure. I actually returned to work the following day. WOW, I know.! The pain was minimal. I am not going to say I did have any pain, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was so impressed with the staff at the Bellevue office. I was greeted as soon as I walked in the door. Everything from the initial consultation with Kiely to Dr. McIntosh's bedside manner. Thorough is an understatement! The follow up was incredible. The phone calls to the emails to check on me was just impeccable, to say the least. The 48-hour email is a genius idea. It really put my mind at ease on expectations in the coming weeks. I wasn't looking for perfection, but every time I look in the mirror I am blown away by what I see. The swelling is going down day by day to reveal the new me. I turn 50 in a month and I so glad I made the decision to give myself an early birthday gift. Cheers to the staff at the Bellevue Sono Bello!

  • Kathe Holmes
    wrote on

    (5) Very professional, friendly, and caring staff.

    Very professional, friendly, and caring staff from the initial consultation to the post surgical exam. Dr. Sobrino was EXCELLENT! His surgical nurse, Sheena(sp?) was also EXCELLENT. They were both very caring and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants this type of procedure! May go back for different areas! Kristen at the front desk is great!!!!!

  • Dasha B
    wrote on

    (5) Dr Sobrino is great

    Dr Sobrino is great at answering any and all questions that a person has. Any patient can walk away being confident that whatever decision they make regarding any procedure will be the right one.

  • Cassidy B
    wrote on

    (5) I had a wonderful experience at sono bello

    I had a wonderful experience at sono bello !!! I went in for my consultation and was treated very kindly the lady was awesome !!!! She helped me find my target areas and gave me a exact price on what it would cost and answered all the questions I had. Then she was even able to work on my time frame of as soon as possible by scheduling me e pre opp appointment later the same day and then I had my procedure the very next day. My Dr was awesome he talked with me and explained what I could expect was very friendly and approachable. When I went in for the procedure he talked with me the entire time it was being done and explained what he was doing. And after it was over he even called to check on how I was doing. Every one of the staff is very friendly and helpful. They even helped me find a ride to and from the cling for my procedure. I had some bruising and swelling after it was done but nothing like I thought it was going to be. They even give you a garment to wear after your surgery to help make the swelling go down quickly. I was seeing some results with in the first week. I am now almost to two weeks since the procedure and am almost completely back to normal bruises practically gone and the small incisions are almost gone and my body feels great. I am going to start running to doing some mild exercises soon just for those areas that were not treated. They set you up with your consultation then your pre op appointment then you have the operation and have follow ups at one week post op 3 moths post op and 6 months post op. The insidious are really small and hardly noticeable !!!! I expect they will go away completely in the next week or so. There is the down side of no baths for 2 weeks but that's just to help your insidious heal. Just means my showers are extra long. It is well worth the money and the time to get this done it has made me feel unbelievable like a new person. I am already thinking about going back to have my last stubborn area done. You won't be disappointed !!!! The Dr tells you that you shouldn't expect to see results right away and to be active and eat healthy. That you will see some results in 3 months and should see most of your results in 6 months to a year. It all depends on the person but as for me I am seeing results in less than 2 weeks. I can't wait to see where my body is in 3 months !!!! I think I will have my dream body for the first time ever !!!! I am only 23 and have struggled with my weight gain for the last year or so it has been a real problem but now it will finally be better. I wish I had found sono bello sooner and had this done a year ago !!!! The staff are amazing the procedure is amazing and it makes you feel like super women !!!! And even better is when j had the laser lipo my Dr explained fat cells don't re grow the only expand and contract. Witch means I will not have trouble again in the areas he took the fat out in. Witch is great !!!!! I love everyone I have come in contact with at sono bello and my results are awesome!!! I highly recommend anyone considering it to just go for it !!!!! You won't be disappointed !!!!

  • Gavin C.
    wrote on

    (5) They certainly made it a winning experience.

    My recent experience with Sono Bello more than met my expectations. The first pleasant surprise came when I called to inform the office that I could not make my appointment time and they were able to reschedule me for a later time, that same day. Once I arrived at the office, I was warmly greeted and attended to in their comfortable waiting lounge. My consulting representative, Kristina Cox, introduced herself, before hand, to let me know that she would be seeing me shortly; making sure I had everything I needed. The actual consultation was professional but conducted very personably. Kristina provided me with all the information I needed, addressed my concerns, and educated me on the entire process. Her warm and friendly service was truly sincere, never forced. All in all, the experience was a very positive one for me. When considering a service such as the one Sono Bello provides, it is important to feel confident when making a final decision. I feel that I was informed and educated to my satisfaction in order to be able to intelligently make that decision. The following day, I found myself with some additional questions in my considerations. When I contacted Kristina, she followed up almost immediately; continuing to provide timely and knowledgeable service. I would recommend Sono Bello to anyone considering body contouring or facial aesthetics. A simple consultation with one of their skilled providers should answer any and all of your questions and concerns. The office ambiance is very relaxed, and the staff is very personable and professional. At no point did I ever feel uncomfortable. They certainly made it a winning experience.

  • rosalieh4412
    wrote on

    (5) Thank You Sono Bello and staff!

    I'm in my 60's, still working and in good health. Late menopause was making it difficult for me to keep the weight off. Weight gain was very uncomfortable and depressing. I practically starved myself yet I continued to have a roll around my mid section. I decided to do something about it! I went to Sono Bello! For me, it was easy! I was awake through the procedure without pain. I actually stopped by work on my way home to organize a few things for the next day (in case I was feeling bad) The next day, I was well enough to work the full day with my pain medication and undergarment on me I was feeling pretty good (no one noticed I had anything done). The second day was even better. The third day I dropped the prescribed pain medication. I'm very excited at what I see in the mirror so soon!!! Can't wait until I see the full result in a couple of months! Thank You Sono Bello and staff!

  • Y.W.
    wrote on

    (5) My Experience is like no other

    It was meant to be - I had an appoint for June 4 - I changed because of work - I went for my consultation- On Thursday May 12. every one on staff is very kind though professional- the way it was explained to me- was so clear that I decided I will give it a try in couple of weeks, or a month the latest. - while I was in my consultation someone else cancelled their surgery for the coming Saturday. OMG I was offered the opportunity to do my surgery in two days - I say yes - the same day I was evaluated and had my surgery in May 14- I have no down time - I am healing so wonderfully- I look so amazing I am glad I did something for myself! My Experience is like no other - it was the best decision I made - I am glad I gave myself permission to have a beautiful body.

  • Fran G.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you, Sono Bello!!!

    I am writing to let everyone know how pleased I am Dr. Sobrino, Hanna and the Sono Bello staff. I came in for a consultation on a Saturday, which was awesome, I did not have to miss work. The front staff was very friendly. After going over my problem areas and financing options with Bethany, she scheduled my procedure for that upcoming Wednesday. I was ready to go!! After a couple days and closer to my procedure day I started getting nervous and questioned if this was the right thing for me to do, but the answer is YES!!! All my nerves went away as soon as I met Hanna, Dr. Sobrino's bubbly assistant. She was so kind and held my hand throughout my procedure. Dr. Sobrino was very easy-going, and I felt at ease talking to him about my problem areas. After my procedure, Dr. Sobrino called to check on me. Since then I've had several phone calls from the nurse and emails from Sono Bello. They all have been GREAT!! Thank you, Sono Bello!!!

  • DF
    wrote on

    (5) Made me feel very comfortable

    I was very nervous and anxious as I this was not something I thought I would find myself doing. KC made me feel very comfortable talking about my "areas of concern". We laughed and talked as if we had known each other for longer than the 30 minutes I had already been in her office. She explained, in detail, all the things I needed to know, and was honest when there was a question she did not have the answer to. She explained that would be something the doctor would need to explain. She understood my budget and explained the financing options and what worked best for me. I was contemplating leaving the waiting room before KC came to get me just because I was so nervous and anxious. She made a world of difference in my decision and the way I felt about my choice to "do something for myself".

  • Y W.
    wrote on

    (5) My experience was beyond my expectations.

    My experience was beyond my expectations - beginning with the consultation Bethany is a jewel she explained the whole procedure, and what to expect. The nurse that prepared me for the procedure "Smiling" she is awesome I felt right at home – The Doctor is kind, gentle-and caring. The whole staff is there for you - I was told about the pain and discomfort, however I had very little discomfort no pain, I feel amazing. I went to work 3 days after my procedure!! Yea I feel empowered and renewed I am happy I did it! Thank you Sonobello- The follow up with Christine my post-procedure nurse is very pleasant she is very caring. I hope to inspire whoever reads this note to take the next step to do something truly amazing for you as I did!

  • Johanna W
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you

    As a transgender woman, I am constantly at odds against my body. The gender dysphoria that I feel when I look and see male-like features at times can be very anxiety inducing, especially the blocky like appearance of my midsection. Well, that was the case, until now that is. I recently had my midsection revision surgery on 5-18-16 with Dr. McIntosh and his nurse assistant Cissy, and after only two days a most amazing thing happened to me as I stepped out of the shower. I saw my reflection in the mirror, as I usually do, but this time I instantly saw an hourglass like shape on my midsection. The response my brain gave to such a view was indescribable. No longer did it spark the gender dysphoria, but instead the opposite - a wave of congruency washed over me as I saw, for the first time ever in my life, an actual hour glass shape that looked incredibly feminine... I about burst into tears of joy, but could only manage to sit there and stare and bask myself in the relief seeing such a sight provided me. Aside from the swelling and bruising, which isn't too bad but is only going to get better, my midsection now reflects the inner me for the first time in my life. I cannot even begin to describe what it feels like to finally see such a transformation and feel such congruency. Already the positive impact it has had on my mental health and wellbeing is considerable, and it's only going to get better! I am so very grateful for the hard work and effort Dr. McIntosh and Cissy put into me, and the results are already looking amazing. They did an absolutely wonderful job, and I can't thank them enough for all their effort. They were very attentive to hearing me out about what I wanted out of the revision surgery during consultation, and additionally during surgery being quite interested in hearing me talk about transgender issues and the medical science behind it. So, to everyone at the Sono Bello Bellevue Office, thank you for making this transgender woman more congruent with herself. I have nothing but gratitude for all the hard work and effort the staff has put into me, and I am very excited to see the full results as the months go by. :)

  • A G.
    wrote on



  • Annette L.
    wrote on

    (5) Christina was amazing!

    I recently had the Venus treatment on my face, neck and chin. I had a great experience and so happy with the results already - and there will be further improvement over the next 4 months as the treatment continues to work!!! Also, the Esthetician (Christina) was amazing! She is professional, engaging, and really cares about the client experience. I felt from the first day that she was invested in this journey and the desire for results with me.

  • Savanna H
    wrote on

    (5) The staff at Sono Bello was very helpful

    I had my procedure 6 months ago and so happy with my new body. The staff at Sono Bello was very helpful and consistently followed up with me regarding my post surgery care. I would recommend Sono Bello as a great alternative to getting rid of those problem areas.

  • Teresa C.
    wrote on

    (5) I feel great!

    The morning of my surgery, I was a little nervous but between the awesome RN and Dr. McIntosh I was put at ease! I have had several surgeries and this by far was one of the easiest I am 8 weeks post-surgery, I have lost several inches from waist & hips, some weight, but more importantly, my glucose levels have gone down and I actually fit better in my clothes (no more muffin top) and I feel great!

  • Cheryl L.
    wrote on

    (5) Kristina was amazing.

    My entire initial meeting with Kristina was amazing. She was understanding, caring and genuine with zero pressure in pushing any procedures on me. She even helped obtain a loan for most of the procedures but I will still have to save up the rest in order for me to do the whole abdomen area. Which I plan to do in the near future. I have been wanting to do this for the past 17 years since having my son who happened to be over 10 lbs. I hadnt been able to lose the baby pooch so Im always wearing larger clothes in order to hide my stomach, but I dont want to live the rest of my life that way. Now that my children are grown (23 & 17) I thought it was time for me to do something for myself. I believe this will be the best investment in myself ever!

  • Linda Nowell
    wrote on

    (5) The staff was very nice.

    The staff was very nice. And made me fell comfortable in making my decision to get procedures done.

  • Miranda M
    wrote on

    (5) My experience was amazing

    My experience was amazing, the staff was wonderful and I'm happier then I've ever been!

  • Heather G
    wrote on

    (5) What incredible doctors and staff!

    What incredible doctors and staff! Personable, kind, and of course - highly trained with nothing but perfection in mind. I would recommend Sono Bello to anyone who is looking for change and or improvement.

  • Victoria S.
    wrote on

    (5) I felt at ease

    I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedure that I was looking for at Sonobello, but from the moment I stepped into the front office and speaking with the receptionist...I felt at ease. The entire staff is awesome and "Dr. Santos" is as gentle as they come! Thank you all for your support, and for making this a wonderful experience.

  • Lisa P.
    wrote on

    (5) Best. Decision. EVER.

    I spent a good amount of time weighing the pros and cons of elective surgery as a means of getting my body back to the way I looked a few years ago: back when I liked my body a LOT more. I've never had elective surgery before, and it scared me a little. From the moment I was greeted in the lobby, and certainly through my consultation with Bethany, I sensed the professionalism I needed to feel confident in my decision. My questions (I had many) were answered thoroughly and I felt confident that I was in good hands. The procedure went well, and afterwards the staff checked on me to ensure I was OK and to answer more of my questions. And now, just three weeks later, I could NOT be happier! Even better--over the next several weeks I will continue to see the rewards of this choice to do body contouring. Best. Decision. EVER.

  • Lawana G.
    wrote on

    (5) I am getting more excited.

    The procedure was more painful than I had anticipated, and the healing time has taken me longer than expected to be pain free. My procedure was 5 days ago and I am still in a lot of pain. But I can already see great results as the swelling is decreasing. I had 6 areas worked on so that may contribute to my soreness still. Sono bello support has been great. Sending me e mails often to let me know what to expect. It has taken away a lot of fear knowing what I am going through is normal . I am getting more excited. The more I heal.

  • Mary M.
    wrote on

    (5) My experience in this office was wonderful.

    My experience in this office was wonderful. All the staff treated me kindly and respectfully. They were very good at explaining every detail of the process and answered all my questions and concerns. They made me feel comfortable and I liked the fact that they call or email to see how I am doing so far. The doctor was very kind and kept asking me if I was ok throughout the procedure. He made me feel like he really cared and wanted to make sure that I was ok. I would recommend this office to anyone who is think about any procedure in the future.

  • Colleen V
    wrote on

    (5) The Bellevue Sonobello clinic is awesome

    The Bellevue Sonobello clinic is awesome. From the minute I walked in to the time I left after my procedure I felt in good hands. Having a medical background I was a bit uneasy at first. The entire staff of Bellevue Sonobello made me feel secure, confident and at ease starting with my phone call to schedule a consultation to well after my procedure! The team at Sonobello Bellevue is 100% professional, well educated and confident in each of their roles. I highly recommend the Sonobello Bellevue team to anyone.

  • Andrea Marshall
    wrote on

    (5) She was very thorough and professional

    I had a great meeting with my consultant, K.C. She very clearly explained the procedures I was interested in, and answered all of my questions, and more! She was very thorough and professional. I have been thinking about coming into Sonobello for quite some time, and am looking forward to being very pleased with my results.

  • Kathy B.
    wrote on

    (5) Everyone was professional, caring, and kind.

    I had body fat removed from my mid section at 58 years old. I was nervous about doing this. The staff were very encouraging without promising me the moon. I had my procedure on a Friday and was expecting to be down all weekend. I did lay low on Saturday and then took a 4 mile walk on Sunday, worked in the yard, and cooked dinner. I was sore for sure, but it was manageable. While it is too soon to see the actual results, I am pleased I went through this and recommend Sono Bello if you are considering this type of procedure. From the receptionist to the consultant, to the nurse, to the doctor, everyone was professional, caring, and kind.

  • Patricia C.
    wrote on

    (5) It was great!

    It was great! I've wanted to do this for a long time but didn't want to look like I "had something done." But turning 60 was hard to accept for me. I decided to re-create my life and this is part of it. I'm looking forward to the procedure!

  • Sandra W
    wrote on

    (5) My consultation was positive and inspiring

    My consultation was positive and inspiring. Kristina (KC) was assume and I really enjoyed our meeting.

  • Rebecca P
    wrote on

    (5) The whole staff was amazing.

    The whole staff was amazing. Really made me feel like they cared about me personally. It's only been 8 weeks but I'm already starting to see changes and can't wait for the final results.

  • Aimee R.
    wrote on

    (5) I have had the best experience at Sono Bello.

    I have had the best experience at Sono Bello. My consultation with Bethany was informative and encouraging without any pressure. My actual procedure with Dr. Sobrino was quick, relaxed and virtually pain-free (I know this differs with individual experience) and my recovery a piece of cake. My Venus treatments with Christina have been exceptional. She is skilled, very friendly, professional and thorough and I always trust that I'm getting the best, most effective use of time. I'll be sad when they're finished! The entire staff is knowledgeable and accommodating. Marleina (sp?) at the front desk is always helpful and friendly with my scheduling. And best of all my overall results are amazing!

  • Jas B
    wrote on

    (5) Very supportive staff.

    Very supportive staff. Easy, quick and the correspondence via phone and email was very nice. I expected it to be a lot worse! Super simple and quick recovery.

  • Michelle K.
    wrote on

    (5) The staff and consultant were so helpful.

    The staff and consultant were so helpful. My procedures were explained fully and have a good perspective on my potential results and costs.

  • Cynthia M.
    wrote on

    (5) The results are amazing.

    I am 62 and have completed 7 of 8 laser (Venus) treatments on my jaw line, upper neck and jowls. The results are amazing. I was considering plastic surgery, but the SONO treatments provided the same results, at minimum cost and without the discomfort and long recovery time of surgery. The technician, Christina, answered all my questions and provided a relaxing, caring with NO discomfort experience.

  • Mary G.
    wrote on

    (5) Everything is ok.

    I was so nervous the date of the surgery I always want to get rid of the love handles, I am not a big Girl so it wasn’t too much to lose, and my friends not even notice the difference. I always say, try what you will like to do, if you don't try you will never know if its works. I still not happy with the results but I will wait the 6 months to see the final results. I can see a little bit difference but is not what I expected. everyone there are nice and treat you with respect, only one thing in my first visit for consultation the girl talk too much and she never ask me what I really want and I ended little upset, but because I know what a want to be done and I did have a consultations in another clinic I do know how this liposuction procedure works, I choose this clinic because reviews was ok, I was expect my first visit after surgery to see the Dr. but it wasn’t like that, instead I just saw the nurse and I was worry because the little incision on my belly took too long to heal. I ask for the scar cream, I did get it after 3 months when am supposed to get it at my first visit after surgery, other than that everything is ok. I don’t regret my decision having my lipo at Sonobello :-)

  • Kari H.
    wrote on

    (5) Fantastic group

    Fantastic group, great experience, worth every penny.

  • Tracy S
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you; I owe you my restored quality of life!!

    I have run physician offices, been part of a large HMO and other medical experience, and I can tell you that the care, concern and quality of treatment at the Bellevue Sono Bella is exemplary. I was talking to two additional facilities, but from the first conversation with the Patient Coordinator Bethany to my interaction with, the supporting office and medical staff as well as my Doctor, they were honest but always advocating to help me achieve my heart's desire. At one week, I am not not only seeing that the faith I had in this team to regain my figure and to significantly improve my health after a 10-pound weight gain which had almost crippled me (I have very serious lower back problem this exacerbated / had almost put me out on disability to have back surgery) was well-placed. Since the procedure, I have experienced tremendous, immediate relief from the time I walked out of surgery. I'm so, so pleased. My one week post op today was very encouraging; the rest is up to me -- now I can get active and in shape up. And that's already begun. So excited to recommend this team. Thank you; I owe you my restored quality of life!!

  • Julie B
    wrote on

    (5) If I had it to do all over again, I'd do it in a second!

    Sometimes when you want something so bad, you take a chance and that chance changes the whole way you look at yourself. That's what happened to me when I walked in to Sono Bello. I had been reading a lot on line and hearing about Sono Bello on the radio, for quite some time. I had gone to other places, like dr.s for tummy tucks and Liposuction, and gotten consultations over the past 5 years. When I finally decided to go to Sono Bello for a consultation, I took my husband with me so he could hear what it was all about too. I decided to go for it and actually came back the same day for my pre-op appt. It's been about 4 weeks since my procedure. I look in the mirror and cannot believe the difference I see. My dr. said it would be 4-6 months before I was completely "transformed", but if I didn't change anymore than I have now, it would still be totally worth it! My friends tell me I glow now, I catch my husband looking at me like he did 15 years ago, and that is a HUGE confidence boost! I went in to get rid of some body fat and came out with a whole lot more than that. I feel like a new person! I actually wear clothes that fit me instead of clothes that are big and baggy to hide my belly fat! I just want to say thank you Sono Bello and the whole staff- especially Dr. Sattlery- for all your help and support and for making me feel proud to look in the mirror again. If I had it to do all over again, I'd do it in a second!

  • JJ W
    wrote on

    (5) It's was amazing!

    It's was amazing! Everyone was so nice and informative every step of the way. From Bethany explaining the process of the procedure, to the day of surgery, such nice, caring nurses and Dr. Sobrino not only made me beautiful but was very professional with an exceptional bedside manner. I had emails that kept me up to date with what to expect as I healed. I have recommended it to many friends!

  • Chriss F
    wrote on

    (5) The Sono Bello staff was very polite and professional

    I had a great experience from start to finish, from the caring front desk staff, to Christine who performed my pre-surgery Venus Treatments and so on. The Sono Bello staff was very polite and professional. When speaking to the surgeon, he was very thorough and upfront about realistic expectations, and answered all my questions. I went into surgery feeling extremely confident in my choice to have laser lipo, at Sono Bello. I was pleasantly surprised that I did not experience pain during the procedure. Nurse Christina was amazing and helped answer my MANY questions that I had post-op and made me feel very comfortable. Many thanks to the Bellevue Staff! I can't wait to see the final results when I am completely healed!!

  • Jenn D
    wrote on

    (5) I am beyond happy with my results

    I am a 57 year old woman and have always been self-conscious about my neck and jaw. When I told this to Bethany she immediately referred me to their Venus treatments. I am so thrilled and pleased with my results. In 3 sessions I was starting to see a nice difference. By my last treatment, keeping my appointments religiously for 8 weeks in a row, I am beyond happy with my results. Not only did I enjoy my estheticion, Christina but it was non surgical/invasive!!!

  • Carole B.
    wrote on

    (5) May God bless you as you go through your journey.

    I'm in my 50s and like a lot of women, my abdomen and hips were larger-holding the majority of my fat. I have exercised, eaten less, and gone on lots of diets, but nothing worked (long term). My midsection would not go away. I felt like I had to live like that-until SonoBello. From the first visit to discuss, to my surgery, and post meeting, I have felt welcomed and cared for by the staff. I am one week post surgery and I have returned to work and have just a few days before I can start my journey back to the gym. Please know while there is pain from the surgery, I'm already seeing a difference. May God bless you as you go through your journey.

  • Terri M
    wrote on

    (5) Thank You.

    I am so happy with my experience at Sonobello. I went in on a Friday for consult and had my procedure the very next day! They em send you an email every week to let you know, in detail, what you may be experiencing at that week. For me it was a great resource. I am sure I will have other procedures in the future. Thank You. Terri

  • Heather H.
    wrote on

    (5) I highly recommend Sono Bello Bellevue

    Every stage of my procedure and post-op has been explained beautifully. I have been well taken care of and the staff are all very personable and responsive to any questions/comments. I highly recommend Sono Bello Bellevue

  • Kathy H.
    wrote on

    (5) My experience was amazing

    My experience was amazing I'm so happy With my results I was afraid at first but then I thought to myself why not just do it what do you have to loose I'm so happy With my results I'm just so happy thank you sonobello Your the best

  • Kathy H
    wrote on

    (5) thank you Sono Bello.

    This is the best way to get results and feel Good about yourself and the team is great and they care so much about how you feel They are like your family and like I said the Results are awesome and thank you Sono Bello.

  • Jen W
    wrote on

    (5) I recommend this to every single person that I talk to

    Everybody at the Sono Bello office in Bellevue Washington, was wonderful!! Everybody answered every single question that I had and made everything so easy and wonderful. The day of my procedure, I was a little nervous. They make sure I was comfortable they even played my music for me. The procedure did not last long and I did not feel any pain whatsoever. So a little bit about the pain after the procedure the most pain that I felt was tenderness and bruising which was to be expected it was not painful at all. I recommend this to every single person that I talk to you I say go to Sono Bello you will not regret it!!!

  • Kathy H
    wrote on

    (5) I'm so happy.

    Sonobello is the best thing that I have ever thought about the team was great way for me to change my life. With out the fabulous Results I don't think that I would have known what to do this is the best way to get results I'm so happy.

  • Leslie G.
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you all at Sono Bello!

    I had the most amazing experience at Sono Bello and highly recommend that you have your procedure done there at the Bellevue location! Dr. Sobrino is so amazing at what he does, I am still in awe with my results. I look and feel so amazing and it has only been 2 weeks after my procedure. Hanna who was my nurse has such a vibrant personality and was awesome. The way Dr. Sobrino answered my questions I had, and his startlingly impressive approach made me feel and know I was in great hands. I look at myself like one of Dr. Sobrino's best piece of artwork. Dr. Sobrino is AMAZING and Hanna is a Rock Star. Thank you all at Sono Bello!

  • Jamie C.
    wrote on

    (5) The best decision I have ever made.

    The best decision I have ever made. I am 45 and wish I had done this 10 years ago. I had surgery on Friday, and was back to work on Monday. Dr. McIntosh was amazing and quite an artist. Bethany walked me through what to expect and was a ray of sunshine the whole time. I can't wait to get the rest of my problem areas worked on!

  • Cyndi V
    wrote on

    (5) The Bellevue Sonobello staff are amazing

    The Bellevue Sonobello staff are amazing. Everyone that I had communication with were very helpful, and friendly. They made sure my needs were met. Answered all my question and concerns. I have told all my friends and family about my experience.

  • Carisa K
    wrote on

    (5) I would recommend Sonobello and Dr. Sobrino to anyone!!!

    5 weeks ago I had the body contouring procedure on my stomach love handle areas. The procedure went well however after a few days I was so swollen my treated areas looked worse than prior to the procedure. With patience and ensuring I followed the Drs instructions the swelling went down and I started seeing drastic results in just 3 weeks. I went shopping yesterday and am wearing pants 3 sizes smaller. I am so happy with my results and am so excited to see more changes occur over the next few months. I would recommend Sonobello and Dr. Sobrino to anyone!!!

  • Shelley H.
    wrote on

    (5) Very professional

    Very professional and kind during pre-op and surgery. I highly reccomend Sonobello.

  • Kathy K
    wrote on

    (5) Thank you to everyone at Sonobello for making me look young again.

    I was very nervous going into my procedure, I had my double chin contoured. When I arrived the day of my appointment the nurse & Doctor made me feel at ease. The procedure only took 15minutes and there was no pain!! It's been almost 2 weeks since the surgery and all the bruising is gone & there's only a little bit of swelling. I'm extremely satisfied with the results and I'm thinking about what I want to do next. Thank you to everyone at Sonobello for making me look young again.

  • Laila Aden
    wrote on

    (5) Sonobello can help you reach that as they did to me

    Nothing is better than investing in your body and health for your self and every one around family and friends because when you love your self it really reflect on you and everyone deserve to be happy and confident in their own skin and sonobello can help you reach that as they did to me

  • Gary C
    wrote on

    (5) The team at SonoBello Bellevue has been friendly

    From consultation to post surgery. The team at SonoBello Bellevue has been friendly, helpful, and always eager to make my experience the best possible. I had a lot of questions along the way. They always answered my calls, or responded promptly. I won't lie.. there is discomfort, and a long healing period. Almost at the end of my healing. I can say it's well worth it! At least for me. I am already planning another surgery. I always say. Do your homework, ask questions, and everything goes good!

  • Honda M
    wrote on

    (5) I love everything about this place

    After being in sono bello's care, I feel more confident, more self assured. My weight and lifestyle choices have thus far stabilized. I am able to maintain a happy healthy life. I love everything about this place. It is extremely clean, the staff are above and beyond friendly as well as knowledgeable.

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